Corpse Bride’s Emily and some new year’s resolution

Due to the predicted world’s ending some friends organized an „end of the world“-party. We were supposed to disguise ourselves somehow related. My choice was Emily the main character of the Tim Burton movie „Corpse Bride“. This is my interpretation of her…


It was an even more unusual year than the ones before.


– getting closer to my best friends   =)

– an interesting jobs at the university

– a rough time to make decisions resulting in quitting studies and a ten-week-stay at the hospital and lots of medication

– meeting interesting and very helpful people. Thank you very much!

– loosing my beloved grandfather. I’m still crying every time I think of him. He was such a wonderful man. ❤

– the end of my relationship ( no words to describe the feelings I had at that time)

– getting back at university

– reuniting with my boyfriend ❤

May it last for a long time… or maybe even longer *.*

– discontinuing medication

– loosing the friend I had for the biggest part of my life.

And sadly some other events I feel not able to talk about.

Now for the new year…

If I want something to be changed, I’ll change it right away. I’m not one of those who are waiting for the end of the year to change something for the better.

I’m just writing down my „new years’s resolution“ because it’s a good possibility to sum all the things up.


– master „Sonate A-Dur Kv.331“ by Mozart

– learn how to dance Charleston

– paint at least one new translucent oil painting

– visit France with some friends

– more music alone as well as with friends =)

– start kickboxing

– restart to ride horses with my sister

– continue the art and reading

I wish you all the best for the new year. May you all get the strength to continue chasing your dreams!

All the best!



finkk und die Klarinette

Et voilà…

Es wird endlich ein wenig musikalischer =) Ich durfte ein wenig mit finkk zusammenarbeiten. Sehr inspirirende und entspannte Arbeitsatmosphäre. Hier ist also ein erstes Ergebnis. Ich freue mich auf weiteres *.*

Frohe Weihnachten! Viel Spaß und alles Gute Euch allen =)

Zur Feier des Tages gibt es außerdem noch ein Photo, von einem besonders schönen Tag aus dem Sommer.