The influence of art


For some years now I’ve been sharing mostly my photography via deviantArt. Since there’s a lot more I wish to show you I thought it might be a good opportunity to make up my own blog.

What I’m dreaming about is a possibility to get to know other peoples thoughts, wishes, dreams.  Therefore I’d like to share my ones with you and maybe you’re willing to discuss different point of views. Tell me what you’re thinking about my photos, thoughts, texts, quotes and my music (since I’m eager to record some of my ideas).

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about who I am, what I want to be, where to go with my life, what I’m willing to do and what not, what it is important to be.

Important… what does it mean? Eating is important, sleeping… if you ask your teacher learning is important.

Friends are important, family is, hobbies are…

To me dreams are the most important thing and words.

I definitely think nothing has influenced my life as much as those two.  I’ve always been more of a lonesome girl. Thinking a lot, dreaming and as simple consequence reading a lot.

I am one of those who are reading books often. Not just one or two times. My favorite books I’ve read clearly over fifteen times. They’re like old friends to me. Just opening them let the memories come up. How I read them for the first time. What persons I was. How I saw the different characters. What I felt experiencing their stories. How I cried over and over again for their loss. How they changed me and my life.

I feel like home when I’m between their pages, experiencing another world. I sink into reading. Nothing around matters to me any more in those situations. Only the story in front of me.

To me those feelings aren’t less real than all the others. They’re the foundation of myself.

This blog is to share the most important part of those inkworlds as well as everything else which is on my mind.

I wish you all the best! Enjoy your life, you got just this one.


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